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Music Video - Mercury Free

Brand NEW music video from Rob Herring.


Music/Lyrics/Performed by: Rob Herring

Produced/Engineered by: Christopher Gabriel

Additional Instrumentals by: Brandon Intelligator

Video Animation by: Karla Núñez

Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on Earth. It has no business being permanently installed inches from anyone's brain.

This is an outdated method and the science has been clear for decades.

The FDA only recently acknowledged certain safety issues in 2020, many years after I released this song, and decades after activists and scientists have been calling for re-evaluation of mercury safety.

There are better, safer, more effective alternatives to amalgam (a combination of silver and mercury) that don't leach toxic heavy metals into your blood stream and brain.

Find a holistic dentist and someone who specializes in safe removal to discuss if you should have your mercury removed.

Removing old amalgam fillings safely relies on an important, and thorough protocol, because the removal process itself could risk an even higher exposure if done improperly.

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I had all my amalgam fillings removed at once. And ! H!!

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