There are no dividing lines between  planetary health and human health.

The pursuit of a healthy planet, society, family, and home, are one and the same.


— Rob Herring and Ryan Wirick —

From the filmmakers behind the award-winning film The Need To GROW

and the founders of Earth Conscious Films                                                                 

comes a holistic, solution-focused platform:




 Our potential as a species is both empowered and bound by the potential of our living biosphere.


All of nature is interconnected, and we as humans are woven into that equation.

Our physical and mental wellness, our ability to communicate, innovate, influence

culture and create positive change in the world, is woven into the same equation.

Only once humanity is regeneratively healthy, can the Earth regeneratively heal.

The mission of Earth Conscious Life is to make these connections indispensable for people

through community and art focused on holistic solutions.


History has shown that sick people create sick ecosystems which create more sick people.

And when we are sick, we cannot collectively solve the great ecological challenges at hand.

This trend must be reversed.


The fate of Earth's biosphere, and the future of civilization, hinges on this trend reversing.

And we have already seen this trend reversed in people's lives all over the world.

Making The Need To GROW taught us that healthy people, when informed with solutions,

and inspired by real world stories, work together to create healthy ecosystems,

which in turn support more healthy humans.


Our vision is to create a global network of empowering resources that will help make the

restoration of our species' health—and our planet's health—accessible, doable, and fun.

For all of us.

The ECL Team


Rob Herring

Rob Herring is an environmental filmmaker and musical activist. He produced The Relationtrip (SXSW, Grand Jury Prize - Dallas International Film Festival) and Directed/Produced Nothing In Los Angeles, which received numerous Best Picture honors. Rob worked on the critically acclaimed GMO OMG, and is a Producer on the follow up to the world famous Zeitgeist Trilogy. As a musician, Rob writes songs for health and eco activism, and he headlined the Rock For Nature concert in Berlin for 25,000 people. Rob is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach and is the cofounder of Integrative Pediatrics.


C.A. Gabriel

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C.A. Gabriel

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C.A. Gabriel

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C.A. Gabriel

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