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No matter where you live, grow your own food. Grow something. And have fun!

Grow up to 50 plants in a tiny space, save water, AND compost all in one system! One of our favorite solutions for new or experienced growers. Even great for small patios, balconies, and rooftops.

As featured in our documentary, Soxx are incredibly versatile, mobile, and grow faster, more nutrient dense plants. This inexpensive system allows anyone to set up a resilient garden in minutes!


Now anyone, anywhere, can grow fresh herbs, leafy greens, and more right inside their home, with virtually no space or effort.




Make your home work for your well-being, rather than against it.

According to the EPA, our indoor air can be up to 100X more polluted than outdoor air. The Air Doctor removes 100% of particles down to 0.003 microns! This is whisper quiet, with an UltraHEPA filter more effective than anything else at this price point, and an auto-sensor which senses and removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs)!

This is the easiest Reverse Osmosis (RO) system around. No installation or plumbing, save hundreds on bottled water (better for you and our planet), and enjoy pure water from a system certified to remove ALL contaminants.


Modern living bombards us with unprecedented levels of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). The Somavedic does not block EMFs (which would disrupt wireless devices from functioning), but creates a field which counters the potential harmful effects of EMF radiation. Check the site for the scientific data on how it works.




Create the conditions for regeneration to happen ... for you.

This brand is of the highest quality green superfood powders, proteins, herbs, vitamins and more.


A colloidal technology that absorbs instantly, making it reportedly up to 20X more potent than competitors.

Sulforaphane (SFN) is a wonder-molecule which acts like a shield to protect your cells from glyphosate and other toxins and has been the subject of over 2,000 studies showing support for detoxification, inflammation, anti-aging, and a healthy brain. BrocElite provides a concentrated dose that would be difficult to achieve from food.


Medicinal mushrooms are a powerful way to get nutrients and health supporting compounds into your diet. Four Sigmatic combines this supplement into delicious coffee and hot drinks that we love. The Lion’s Mane coffee is one of our faves!




You can't change the world without taking care of yourself. Period.

One of the purest, cleanest, highest integrity skin care brands on the market!


Blocks 99% of blue light from computer and cellphone screens, reducing eye strain, sleep problems, headaches, and helping rebalance your circadian rhythm.




It's never too late to build critical skills that we all should have access to. 

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This 15 part Masterclass series includes experts walking you through everything from composting to planting your first seeds. You’ll also receive the extended interviews, deleted scenes, and over $500 of FREE Bonuses!


Join integrative pediatrician Dr. Joel 'Gator' Warsh and an unprecedented team of doctors, practitioners, and wellness experts to give you the cutting-edge tools and strategies you need to raise a healthy family!


The Family Health Collection contains all the expert presentations from the Integrative Pediatrics Summit, including over 50 of the top guest speakers, plus exclusive bonus coupons, and healing tools and resources, to make it as easy as possible to implement positive change.




It's important to mix things up. Experience other things. Like Rob's music.

Get Rob Herring’s (Co-Director of The Need To GROW) album of conscious tunes on topics like Soil, Bees, Fluoride, GMOs, and more.