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Black Friday 2023

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

We all know there is an overwhelming number of sales that come right around the US Thanksgiving season.

While there are many aspects to big business marketing that encourage 'over-consumerism'... there's also no denying that a lot of these tools on sale have supported my own healing journey over the years.

Advancements in nutritional products, and even 'biohacking' devices really can make a profound difference in the lives of those struggling with mental health or physical health challenges.

And since these deals are often the biggest discounts available for the entire year from many of these brands...this is a great time to make the investment in yourself and your family's health, when you can save as much money as possible.

With that said, here are a few of the standout deals that you should know about:

Devices for a Healthy Home:

AirDoctor - The only air purifier I have had in my bedroom, living room, and office for years. The 'auto' feature detects when there are particulates in the air and will automatically increase filtration power until it cleans your environment! Save between $120-$400 right now on their best-selling systems.

No coupon needed.

Bon Charge - The ultimate 'biohacking' only store has a massive 25% off the ENTIRE store right now. No coupon needed. Everything from their flagship sauna blanket, to red light therapy units, the best blue blocking glasses, EMF shield products, and everything in between. Do not miss this sale!

No coupon needed.

AromaTru - The first aromatherapy essential oil diffuser that requires NO WATER! No mess, no chance of mold, and you can diffuse up to 4 different oils at once. Most simple essential oil diffuser I've ever seen. Up to $90 off right now and 35% off essential oils.

No coupon needed.

AquaTru - Easy to install home Reverse Osmosis (RO) system means you have the cleanest possible water when and where you need it. Most RO systems are more elaborate installation, and there are different models to fit the scale and price point that works for you and your home situation. Up to $150 off!

No coupon needed.

Gifts for Health Conscious Friends/Family:

Annmarie Skin Care - Virtually the only skin care products I use (I've bought this as gifts for my own sister, mother, and fiancée) because it is wildcrafted...and founded by high-integrity people I've known for years. Their trial gift has 4 of their best products for under $20 right now and free shipping to the US and Canada. This is over 40% off. Plus, you get a $10 coupon back immediately so that if you buy anything else from them later, it's like you got the trial set for only 10 bucks!

No coupon needed.

Purity Coffee - Grab the holiday collection of the best coffee in the world (grown regeneratively to protect soils, and processed in such a way to reduce jitters, anxiety, and enhance the health-boosting effects). From human to planet health, this checks more boxes than any coffee I've ever seen. Enjoy a 20% discount and free shipping on all US orders with code "THANKFUL" at checkout.

For customers who choose to offset their order's carbon footprint through EcoCart at checkout, Purity will match the contribution you make. It's part of their commitment to a greener and more eco-conscious holiday season!

Code: THANKFUL at checkout.

Wellness Candle from Bee LuciaIt’s the cleanest burning candle I’ve ever found, and even purifies the air (rather than leeching toxic paraffin, like most). Each candle is pure beeswax and therapeutic grade essential oils (not carcinogenic perfumes like almost all other candles on the market), and adorned with a genuine gemstones and crystal infusion specifically selected for healing. These make excellent, and highly impressive gifts: the premium packaging and box art looks, feels (and smells) luxurious! Use code ‘BLACKFRIDAY’ for a mega 40% off. Stock up for the year – you won’t be disappointed.

Hamama Microgreens - If you or someone you know values nutrient dense foods and/or 'whole food' nutrition, then microgreens are a super power. They grow in mere days and have some of the highest concentrations of nutrients of any food! Watch the magic happen before your eyes with this amazingly easy microgreen "quilt" which takes all the guesswork out and does it all for you. This is great for kids too because it's nearly impossible to mess up. Up to 40% off and a free gift bag with any purchase.


Quince - Switching to the organic bedding from this company was a game-changer for our sleep. Organic and natural fibers made by companies who pay attention to their waste streams and use renewable energy in manufacturing is a huge plus! They have other great products to check out, or you can go to their HOME section and look through the pillow cases, sheets, duvets and more! Quince offers the absolute lowest prices for these items that I've ever seen, and they have free shipping with no minimum order, and a 365 day money back return policy (which is almost too-good-to-be-true, but it's real)!

Nutrition and Supplements:

BiOptimizers - My overall favorite supplement brand as it focuses on digestion and protecting your gut microbiome – a critical key to overall health and immune function. Their best-in-class magnesium (7 forms in 1) is up to 32% off and for Black Friday you can get 25% off site wide, so this is the time to shop around and stock up!!

No coupon needed.

Purality Immune Boosters: Vitamin C, D3, or Zinc - When it comes to specific vitamin absorption, I have always appreciated the bioavailability of liposomal supplements, because it means your body actually assimilates the value, rather than peeing out your supplement as 'expensive urine'. Get up to 45% off on the most important trifecta of immune-supporting nutrition. Choose any or all that you need to stock up on while you can score this huge holiday deal!

No coupon needed.


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