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Brain Boosting

Having a hard time focusing? Feeling foggy? Mentally overwhelmed?

There could be an herb for that.

People often talk about physical stress and fatigue. But have you ever thought maybe your mind could use some help from being overloaded and bogged down, too?

If you struggle with brain fog, lack of focus, or poor short-term memory…

…you could try some of these scientifically supported herbal (and mushroom) brain boosters.

  • #1: Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng).

This herb— though not a true ginseng— has effects considered so legendary that athletes all over the world gravitate to it….especially athletes in Russia (thus the name)!

Eleuthero has an amazing reputation for boosting physical energy. But it’s also famous for increasing mental energy, cognition, and focus too— especially when experiencing stress or overwhelm.

It seems to have a special affinity to mental stress, lifting the mind free of cloudiness, fatigue, and confusion.

  • #2: Cordyceps mushroom.

Athletes are a fan of this mushroom, too! One of the most world-famous nootropics (a.k.a. nerve tonics and brain boosters), cordyceps has become a popular favorite in mushroom coffees and energy drinks for this very reason.

Besides increasing your mental energy, it also has positive benefits for the immune system.

Taking it like a tonic every day on the regular can reduce chances of inflammation and sickness, not just fatigue and focus issues.

  • #3: Lion’s mane mushroom.

Of all nootropic herbs and mushrooms, lion’s mane might be the most powerful.

It’s not just a potent brain booster. It can also reduce devastating neurological diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and more, all which pose the gravest dangers to memory, cognition, and focus as we age.

Lion’s mane is a powerful nerve healer with tons of research to support it (and a favorite in mushroom coffees, too).

It’s not just delicious in meats and Italian cooking. For centuries, rosemary has been associated with memory, remembrance, and honoring the past.

That may have everything to do with its ability to sharpen the mind! It’s all thanks to a unique antioxidant found in rosemary, called rosmarinic acid.

Supposedly a tea (or equivalent supplement) of rosemary can really pep you up, awaken the senses, and reduce your chances of dementia, not unlike lion’s mane mushroom.

Science shows that the leaves of this beautiful tree contain wonderful compounds supportive of a clearer memory and mind.

Gingko is frequently recommended as a natural remedy for the elderly, and for preventing dementia. Research shows it increases blood flow and circulation, especially to the brain.

Old or young though, anyone can benefit from gingko. Because it has such healthy effects on the cardiovascular system for its brain-boosting benefits, people may find it supports healthier blood pressure and heart health, too.

**Remember: always talk to your doctor before taking any health-boosting herbs and mushrooms, especially for the long-term. Interactions and side effects could occur.

But if you’re clear to take these and experience their wonders, it’s absolutely worth it!

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