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🌱All-In-One Solution

Thank you to everyone writing in asking my personal opinion on specific compost and grow systems. As a soil nerd, this is something I love to talk about. :)

I wanted to share the home system I’ve been most excited about for years!

A mission-driven company called Garden Tower Project created the most comprehensive all-in-one grow and compost system I’ve ever seen

And after traveling for years making this film, I’ve nearly seen it all!

(In the Impact Kit, Farmer Rishi and I put one of these together, from in the box, to fully set up in under 5 minutes)

Head over to the Garden Tower website and check out their award-winning tower garden. This company knows how much I love their solution, and as fans of The Need To GROW, they’ve generously offered our audience a $60 off coupon for the Garden Tower if you use the code: TNTG60 at checkout! (shipping is only in the US at this time)

I’ve had one for years (there’s even a quick shot of mine in the film) and it’s the first thing I recommend to friends and family when I’m speaking about growing food or home composting. 

Why I will likely never love any system as much as this:

50 plants in 4 square feet - grow a LOT vertically in a tiny space. 

Save Water - captures its own excess water to reuse!

Accessible/User Friendly - the whole tower rotates, making it senior friendly, for easy plant access, sunlight exposure, and can even roll on wheels! Put this on a balcony, rooftop, patio, deck, porch, or even on a grass yard...anywhere!

Soil based - fill the tower with soil to grow the most nutrient-dense foods, even without access to bare ground (people with existing gardens love using this too!)

Compost System Built In! - my absolute favorite feature is how easy this system turns your food scraps into organic fertilizer. This is a game-changer! Dump food scraps right into the system itself, for immediately recycled nutrients, and one of the cleanest, simplest, composting strategies I’ve ever seen. 

**It looks like it's actually already on sale right now, so with the code TNTG60, you’ll save an additional $60, making it $200 lower than the retail price

Now would be the time to check this out while they’ve offered this incredibly generous deal, specifically for viewers of The Need To GROW to get you growing and composting right away.

If you resonated with the mission of Alicia, Erik and Michael in our film, this is a powerful tool to help you grow nutrient dense food, picked at the peak of freshness, while composting in the easiest way I’ve seen. 

Whether you use this system or not, I hope you are starting to think about your food scraps in a new way! Remember, the planet’s soil is starving for your food “waste”. 

On behalf of our film, Garden Tower Project donated 3 systems to schools in my local area! And at this moment I just decided, with this $60 off, I’m going to buy one right now as a gift to Alicia and Monica. There is nothing quite like the ‘one-stop-shop’ solution as the Garden Tower, and I know you will love it as much as I do. Let’s regenerate soil and grow nutrient dense food in every home on the planet. :)


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