🌱All-In-One Solution

Thank you to everyone writing in asking my personal opinion on specific compost and grow systems. As a soil nerd, this is something I love to talk about. :)

I wanted to share the home system I’ve been most excited about for years!

A mission-driven company called Garden Tower Project created the most comprehensive all-in-one grow and compost system I’ve ever seen

And after traveling for years making this film, I’ve nearly seen it all!

(In the Impact Kit, Farmer Rishi and I put one of these together, from in the box, to fully set up in under 5 minutes)

Head over to the Garden Tower website and check out their award-winning tower garden. This company knows how much I love their solution, and as fans of The Need To GROW, they’ve generously offered our audience a $60 off coupon for the Garden Tower if you use the code: TNTG60 at checkout! (shipping is only in the US at this time)

>>Check out my FAVORITE GROW SYSTEM and be sure to use the coupon code: TNTG60.

I’ve had one for years (there’s even a quick shot of mine in the film) and it’s the first thing I recommend to friends and family when I’m speaking about growing food or home composting. 

Why I will likely never love any system as much as this:

50 plants in 4 square feet - grow a LOT vertically in a tiny space. 

Save Water - captures its own excess water to reuse!

Accessible/User Friendly - the whole tower rotates, making it senior friendly, for easy plant access, sunlight exposure, and can even roll on wheels! Put this on a balcony, rooftop, patio, deck, porch, or even on a grass yard...anywhere!

Soil based - fill the tower with soil to grow the most nutrient-dense foods, even without access to bare ground (people with existing gardens love using this too!)

Compost System Built In!