5 Ways to Combat "Sugar Season"

After many American families have recently celebrated “the candy holiday” — AKA Halloween — what follows in the next couple months are multiple holiday celebrations of over-indulging in carbs, pie, cookies, cakes, candy, booze…

...all containing lots of sugar.

Sugar is undeniably one of the staples in the standard American diet, and sugar consumption peaks at this time of year for many of us.

Today, the average US citizen consumes 152 pounds of sugar in a year or 3 pounds per week!

That's a lot.

Sugar can also be one of the most poisonous substances to feed the human body. There is no doubt: chronic sugar intake can wreak havoc on our system.

Our gut microbiome, skin, liver function, nervous system, heart health, immune system function, and many aspects of our health are all impacted heavily or hijacked by excessive sugar intake.