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Welcome to Earth Conscious Life!

Thank you to every member of this community, and those who have sent such positive messages in response to our feature documentary The Need To GROW.

We had now had viewers in over 175 countries – almost every country on the planet!

The cast of The Need To GROW with Directors Ryan Wirick and Rob Herring

Isn’t it heartwarming to know that people just like YOU, who care deeply about protecting our future, are already engaging with solutions all over the world?

We truly are one human family, interconnected by our shared desire to heal Mother Earth at this crucial time in human history.

Over the coming months, Earth Conscious Life (the evolution from our production company Earth Conscious Films), is bringing together the most accessible, cutting-edge solutions, stories, and at-home strategies, for easy ways to heal both body and planet.  Earth Conscious Life’s mission to implement global health solutions starts with a philosophy to encourage, rather than shame...invite others, not ‘prove them wrong’...and activate instead of intimidate. 

We know deep down that healing food systems, and our ecosystems at large, can only happen with collective participation. We’ve arrived at a point in the regeneration movement when kindness and compassion is critical. 

Remember, we are Nature. It’s not ‘humans over here’, and ‘Nature over there’.  What is good for the Earth is good for its people –– and vice versa!

To fix ecosystem collapse, we must acknowledge that healthy relationships, and emotional/mental health are just as critical as soil health. As a small teaser for what we’re working on –– we have epic projects already in the works that you won’t want to miss, including on topics like:

Mental wellness - we’ve been studying the gut-brain axis for years and are working on something that could revolutionize the way we approach mental health.

At-home Eco-Solutions - a collection of tools and easy tips to address conservation in things like energy, water and everything in between. 

Children’s Health - as childhood epidemics continue to skyrocket, sharing wisdom and knowledge of children’s health solutions is one of the most important issues of our time. Learn more at

Solution Innovators - Michael Smith was just the beginning! We look forward to highlighting the powerful work of other upcoming superheroes and innovators. And of course, more on regenerative food systems, soil health, and tons of additional content from our nearly 6 years of making The Need To GROW!

So, welcome to Earth Conscious Life!


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