Top 3 - Sprinkle in Nutrition

When it comes to food, no one is intentionally trying to avoid nutrients.

However, some of the processed, sugar-filled, convenient products can be so tempting that we don't always make nutrition the top priority.

Even when we are aiming for local, regeneratively grown, organic food...some of the most "healthy" foods may contain only a fraction of the nutrient load that the same foods once held.

A carrot today could be a mere silhouette compared to the nutrient levels in a carrot from even just a few decades ago.

As we've discussed many times at Earth Conscious Life (and in our film The Need To GROW), this mostly comes down to how we treat our soils.

BUT - it's important to always be on the lookout for 'nutrition hacks', or little tricks to 'sneak' nutrition into some of the foods we're already eating.

Nutritional supplements may still play a vita