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Top 3 - Sprinkle in Nutrition

When it comes to food, no one is intentionally trying to avoid nutrients.

However, some of the processed, sugar-filled, convenient products can be so tempting that we don't always make nutrition the top priority.

Even when we are aiming for local, regeneratively grown, organic food...some of the most "healthy" foods may contain only a fraction of the nutrient load that the same foods once held.

A carrot today could be a mere silhouette compared to the nutrient levels in a carrot from even just a few decades ago.

As we've discussed many times at Earth Conscious Life (and in our film The Need To GROW), this mostly comes down to how we treat our soils.

BUT - it's important to always be on the lookout for 'nutrition hacks', or little tricks to 'sneak' nutrition into some of the foods we're already eating.

Nutritional supplements may still play a vital role for certain vitamins and minerals (it's good to find a doctor who understands nutrition and is willing to help you test for your vitamin/mineral levels)...

...but ideally we can get as much of this nutrient density from food as possible.

This is where my "Nutrient Sprinkle Hacks" come in.


Chia contains a TON of fiber and seriously beneficial amounts of calcium, iron, and magnesium, and more.

Chia seeds can go super easily in a smoothie or oatmeal, but many people may not have thought to add them to things like soups, curries, or even deserts like pudding and cookies.

Chia seeds have been associated with supporting weight loss goals, healthy digestion, managing blood sugar, and so much more.



Hemp seeds are awesome to have on hand in the kitchen too. They go pretty much anywhere the chia seeds went.

Sprinkle them in generously to smoothies, soups, warm bowls, salads, even on sandwiches.

Phosphorous, folate, magnesium, thiamin, manganese,....are just a few of the great nutrients you'll be boosting up on when you sneak in few tablespoons of this incredible superfood.

Nowhere near the fiber content you'll be getting from chia seeds, but once again a great addition for a nutrient boost, with no added sugar.



Kelp flakes will come in a shaker like dried herbs. Adding a few shakes onto almost any dish is incredibly unlikely to affect the existing flavor by much.

Especially if it's something you can mix into... you'll hardly know it was added!

Kelp is absolutely LOADED with iodine.

Iodine deficiency is directly correlated with thyroid health, but that's not where it stops.

The body is an interconnected, holistic system and deficiency of this key nutrient also affects metabolism, brain health, and much more.

Roughly 20% of the world is known to be iodine deficient, according to the World Health Organization.

Look at that nutrient image noting 970% of your daily iodine level within 1 teaspoon!!

Talk to your doctor if you're afraid of overdoing it, because too much iodine can result in similar issues that occur with too little.

If a teaspoon gives you that much don't need much added to get close to 100% of the recommended daily allowance.


All three of these options should not really disrupt the flavor of any dish you are creating. They are all so mild that (unless you put way too much in) you, and your family should not even be able to tell that they were added.

The idea is to think in terms of super charging the meals you already enjoy. Some people have a hard time starting new habits, so let's get the ball rolling by upgrading the existing habits you're already doing.

Sprinkling in these foods isn't going to turn a fast food burger into a health food.

But adding a bit here or there to pasta dishes, salads, and smoothies can really start to add up over time.

Do you have any "nutrition hacks" to share with the community that can simplify the process of incorporating more vitamins/minerals to existing dishes, without having to fully overhaul your diet??

9 commentaires

Juan C. Medina
Juan C. Medina
28 août 2021

Thank you for the information. We will plunge into them.


Em Crone
Em Crone
20 août 2021

Great tips! Ground flax seeds are awesome in oatmeal or a smoothie or salads as well!


I sprinkle unfortified nutritional yeast on my baked potato and popcorn. It's unfortified because it doesn't have vitamin B12 or folic acid (synthetic folate) but it has many other nutrients. I love it. I use Chia seeds and Hemp seeds too.


Leslie Lyon
Leslie Lyon
19 août 2021

Great information! Thank you for sharing. I love the taste of hemp seeds. Usually, I mix chia and hemp seeds together and eat them for a snack :)


Gus Flores
Gus Flores
19 août 2021

Hi, I live un México, my wife and me frequently eat dried or fresh moringa and chaya leaves, two native plants with a lot of nutrients and antioxidants. A lot of people, here, eat moringa seeds, too.

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