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We're entering what could very likely go down as the most important decade in human history. 

Where humans either figure it out, or continue to exterminate the natural world to the point of no return.

We know we can create conscious economies that thrive on environmental regeneration. We know we can restore our planet's soil systems. We know the power of systemic change lies with all of our collective choices, and that every effort truly makes a difference.

This can be the decade where apathy and fear no longer hold us back as a species. This can be the decade where we collectively accelerate solutions rather than our own extinction.

This can be the Restoring 20s.

This is it! Let's make RESTORING 20s a movement! With your help, we can make this a common phrase, to encourage each other to make this decade about lifting our friends, neighbors, ourselves, and our environment up to its best self.

Maybe most importantly, let's lift our enemies and those we normally disagree with. After all, the great transition will occur when we release anger and guilt, and focus on inviting everyone to the regenerative table.

If you use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, please use the hashtag - #Restoring20s

This hashtag is not about our film specifically. It's about being part of the collective shift that we all know needs to happen now.

You can use the tag whenever you're posting about any regenerative idea, solution, story, or project you have going on! Composting, Reducing Plastic, Recycling, Gardening, etc. And even personal health healing like during a digital detox or starting a new meditation practice! 

The possibilities are endless. As long as it is focus on restoring!

Let's use this new decade as an opportunity for epic transformation and inspiring eco-healing efforts.

Let's get this phrase into the common vernacular and make a global movement towards solutions this decade in the #Restoring20s!


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