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"Regular food"

I was buying some apples at the market yesterday and the gentleman ringing me up noticed they didn’t have identifying stickers on them.

He asked, "Are these organic or regular?"

Without thinking, as I was packing my reusable bag with the rest of my groceries, I said "Organic."

It took me another 15 seconds or so before I replayed the exchange in my head. 'Organic or regular.'


Wait a minute. If conventional, pesticide-laden foods are regular, then are organic foods irregular? Of course I know what he meant, but it really struck me how far we've drifted from natural systems in modern society - when the idea of monoculturing, spraying with toxic pesticides, or even genetically engineering something is considered "regular".

Don't we all hope for a time when organic is considered "regular", and the rest is known as unnecessary, toxic, and a burden on our health and ecosystems? There may be close to 1,000 untested chemicals in our food system (and that's not counting the toxins found in common personal care products, cleaning supplies, and furniture)!

As much as we are all bombarded with these chemicals in what we eat, there is really good news here! The body is RESILIENT

Now don't let this be an excuse to continue any longer down a path of consuming toxic foods. But when given even a short rest from toxic inputs, the human body can detoxify at a really hopeful rate. 

A peer-reviewed study from Environmental Research showed that in as little as 6 days of switching to a fully organic diet, certain chemicals within the body dropped as much as 95 percent!

Admittedly this was a small trial, but that should not be reason to discredit the science - on the contrary, it should be reason for larger entities to invest in further research with larger pools of subjects. 

Just think what having a consistent stream of toxic chemicals in you or your child's bloodstream nonstop is doing to their immune and inflammation systems. 

If after only 6 days the results are this promising, imagine how much the body would be unburdened after 2 weeks, a month, a year!  Remember it is never too late to step into your power of choosing a cleaner, more natural approach to what you put in your body. Find organic versions of the same foods you love! Transition slowly, not all at once. 

Give your body the best chance it can to reduce inflammation, handle stress, and heal yourself! We all need healing, no matter where we're at. Our food is one of the choices we have the most control over. So be wise, and feed yourself and your family organic as much as possible.

The best way to ensure you have not only the cleanest foods, but the most nutrient dense is to find ways to start growing yourself! Whether it's in the ground, in pots, in vertical towers, or even indoors, find whatever way works for you and get growing!


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