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Pursuing the Monarchs: free film

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

A few years ago, I was attending a film festival in Northern California to present The Need To GROW.

While I was there, I saw several other great ecological documentaries.

This beautiful film about monarch butterflies really stood out.

The filmmaker Anna Chahuneau is a true eco-warrior, and I was just informed that her complete film, Pursuing the Monarchs, is now available for you to watch completely for free!

There is nothing to sign up for. Just push play.

(The symbol directly next to the "Vimeo" logo, on the bottom right, will expand the window to full screen. Press "esc" to exit full screen.)

Please consider sharing this article and film with anyone interested in learning more about these precious pollinators.

Anna put a lot of work into this piece and is giving it away completely for free. Let's help her spread the word!

For more information about this important topic, you can reach out directly to one of the stars of the film, Dr. Pablo Jaramillo-López at :)

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MaryAnn Geary
MaryAnn Geary
May 10, 2021

this piece is wonderful........I saw only 1 Monarch last summer... teach us how to help them thrive....I know milkweed is one thing...they are so beautiful and strong to be able to fly across a country/ocean and still carry on..

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