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Out of control

For the next 7 days (from Jan 13th - Jan 19th), 100% of proceeds from online sales of The Need To GROW will be donated to support Australia. 

By now, you've likely heard of Australia's nationwide brushfire emergency. If you're like me, you may be watching the destruction from afar and feeling a bit helpless.

It's estimated that the fires have taken the lives of over a half billion Australian wildlife. That's hard to fathom. Additionally about 2,000 homes have burned and 27 human lives have been lost. 

Now, bushfires in general are common in Australia, and like many dry areas of the world, they have a "fire season".

But in the midst of one of its worst droughts in decades, and recently setting some record high temperatures, the area has been left even more devastated than usual. 

As part of our ongoing support of the environment and to support the victims at this perilous time, we've decided to use our film The Need To GROW to do what we can to help. 

From Jan 13th - Jan 19th, 100% of proceeds from all online sales will be donated directly to support Australian fire recovery efforts. 

And using the code: AUS when checking out, you will receive 30% off the film to help make it an easier decision. 

We've decided to donate to to both WIRES (Wildlife Rescue) and NSW Rural Fire Service, as New South Wales is getting hit the hardest. Half will go to each organization to support both firefighting and animal rescue.

I know many in this community may have already supported us by owning the film, so you can help by spreading the word to friends who have yet to watch!

As you know, The Need To GROW focuses on solutions for soil regeneration, which is highly connected to the likelihood and severity of wildfires.

Folks buying the film this week would truly be a win-win. With 100% of proceeds supporting Australia, we hope to incentivize more people to watch a film about solutions for ecosystem resilience, while knowing they've donated to an urgent cause. 

Please SHARE THIS LINK with friends and family so they can save 30% now to own the film, and know their purchase is donating directly to protect Australian wildlife and control this emergency.


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