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Natural Treatments For Furry Friends

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Taking care of family means different things to different people. Some of us get married and have children to meet the definition of family. But nowadays, a growing number of people instead look to taking the best possible care of their furry friends.

Pet cats, dogs, and other creatures are just as close and important to many of us, much like our closest relatives. They are incredible companions that show us unconditional love and comfort…and they can even seem like our children! If we love our pets like we love our kids… ….don’t they deserve the same considerations when it comes to their health? Instead of synthetic treatments with side effects or other complications (or questionable environmental origins), our animal friends and family could also benefit from more natural, gentle remedies for their health issues… …just like we do. That said, not all natural remedies are cut out for our pets’ health. Some may be safe for humans but not so much for our dogs or cats. Still, many of the same herbal and natural treatments we benefit from can help our furry family members, too. There are even some natural treatments that are special just for them! Here are some of the best:

  • Neem oil.

There are some benefits for humans (particularly for skin) but cats and dogs can benefit from neem too.

This all-natural oil made from the neem tree can help treat your pet for the most common (and peskiest) bug problems that plague them, especially fleas and ticks.

**Because cats groom more than other animals, we still recommend caution, as they have a chance to ingest too much. Please check with your vet before trying this on your cat. :)

  • CBD.

CBD (short for cannabidiol) has been a real hit with pet owners ever since it was legalized in many places around the world.

And it doesn’t just help soothe anxiety in animals. Natural CBD pet products and treats have completely changed the lives of many pets and their owners!

It is a great holistic support for reducing muscle or joint pains and aches, especially in aging animals.

For many pet owners, this has allowed them to enjoy their time with their cherished pets for many more years.

  • Aromatherapy.

Scents that soothe the human nervous system (like chamomile, lavender, and others) are shown to be helpful to dog and cat nerves, too.

Though you don’t want to overexpose animals to diffuser and essential oils, try offering a few drops on your palm or in a diffuser for them to naturally explore and try a whiff of. The calming results could be surprising!

*Do not apply directly to pet skin or fur without knowledge and advice of an expert.

  • Probiotics.

Did you know that gut health is important to dogs and cats, too? Many pet food blends now feature probiotics as a vital part of your pet’s diet and holistic wellness. Look out for these on pet food labels! You can also occasionally give your cat or dog something probiotic-rich, like a tablespoon of plain yogurt.*Always check with your veterinarian before experimenting, because some animals could have trouble digesting it. They’ll probably just think it’s a delicious treat, not knowing it's incredibly good for them, too. What are your favorite natural remedies for your pet dog or cat? There are far more than what I’ve just described here… …and many of them you can enjoy right alongside your pet, too.

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