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Music Video - Bee's Knees

Years ago, I started blending my passion for music with my work as an environmental activist. I wanted to create new tools for people to share important eco-messages, in a way that would feel less preachy.

I'm excited to share with you the animated music video for one of my songs "Bee's Knees"!

If you want to get the rest of my album of health/eco conscious tunes - please do so through Bandcamp by CLICKING HERE!

The entire album of 10 songs is available to download at ANY PRICE - even free. :)

*Suggested price is $10, but please do whatever you can afford, or if you'd like to donate more is always appreciated as well, and the funds will go directly towards future music videos!

And you can share the video link to your Facebook or social media by copy and pasting this link:

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