More Houseplants!

Who would have thought that houseplants would become a craze?

Apparently, they’re extremely popular right now (and, for the most part, a lot easier to take care of than a pet…or a kid!) and people can’t buy them, grow them, or post about them on social media fast enough.

Who can blame people for being obsessed with houseplants right now?

Many of us (in the northern hemisphere, that is) are only just coming out of winter, not to mention even more of us have been cooped up more than ever due to the pandemic.

When life is limited mostly to your house or the indoors, houseplants are a great way to add life, vibrancy, color…

…and even health benefits into your home, when it would otherwise be drab.

Yep, you heard me right: getting houseplants into your life isn’t just a nerdy horticulturist thing.

Houseplants may lift your spirits mentally and emotionally, giving you a little dose of natural surroundings right within your home— which is shown to help you reach a calm and stable state of mind.

But they also have surprising physical and health-related effects on your wellbeing, too. But how?