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Years ago, when I was first writing 'health/eco conscious music', I was honored to shared the stage with a natural health icon, John Robbins, performing directly following him for thousands at a health coach conference.

Little did I know, that years later I would become close friends with his son Ocean, who co-founded Food Revolution Network (and who became our Executive Producer for The Need To GROW). 

John's backstory is epic. He was set to inherit the famous ice-cream company Baskin-Robbins. But after seeing how an unhealthy lifestyle led to his uncle Burt Baskin's heart disease, he courageously turned down the fortune and went on his own "rocky road".

For three decades, he’s studied thousands of medical journals, written eleven books, conducted more than 200 interviews with the world’s top food experts, spoken for the United Nations and on most of the biggest talk shows, and inspired millions of people to claim the power of their food choices to take a stand for a healthy life.

John's best-selling book Diet for a New America, first published back in 1987, is referred to by many as the game-changing piece of education which woke them up to the importance of nutrition. 

Right now, you have a very special limited-time opportunity to join John for a totally free Masterclass on how you can make food the foundation of YOUR health.

This can provide a foundation for so much of what we discussed in our film.

You’ll discover the four most dangerous food lies that most people still believe. And you’ll find out about 10 mighty plant-powered breakthroughs that could save millions of lives.

John is a true Master in this field, and shares his top tips from decades of research in this complimentary class. If you want to incorporate healing foods into your life, then you don’t want to miss this!


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