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God's Plant

Yet another beautiful, award-winning short film from our dear friend Jeremy Seifert.

And you can watch it RIGHT NOW, on this page, totally free.

Jeremy was a Consulting Producer on our feature film The Need To GROW, and you may know his work from his other award-winning documentary GMO OMG.

In God's Plant (directed by Jeremy Seifert and Malek Asfeer) we see what it takes to sustainably grow one of the most healing plants on Earth.

"In Raywick, Kentucky, there is a farm where Father God and Mother Nature work in harmony, and where farmers have a part to play as well. Though, until very recently, growing hemp could get a person serious jail time, Scott Essex of Bluegrass Organic Hemp considers cannabis “God’s plant.”

He believes that cannabis can help humankind, heal the planet, and still make a profit. He believes in cannabis research, education, and innovation. And as a true, God-fearing American, he also believes in freedom: freedom to use cannabis."

- from the Charlotte's Web Youtube page

I hope you can check out this incredible story, captured so beautifully in this film that has been a hit at film festivals.

Push the PLAY button above, right now!

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It's also enhanced with other potent superfoods like Acerola Cherry and Moringa. :)

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I’m alongside Mr. Ricardo on this price issue. You growers need to remember that your customer base was at even at greater risk of jail/prison as front-line partakers of God’s Sweet Miracle plant. Now that our combined efforts to sustain the Marijuana Economy have resulted in legalization. It is high-time to give back ! Cut the price !


Michael Riccardo
Michael Riccardo
Oct 19, 2021

most peoples that need your ORGANIC product can not afford the high retail prices... give folks a chance to put the gods medicinal plant to test... treat 'em don't cheat 'em and they come rite back y'all... Thank you tho for the initiations of the rite directions from that spot of earth there... tru is it is the greatest plant on earth with the most positive capacities... we are only beginning to know the majesty of the extra amounts of cannabinoids the plant has for positive usages...

peoples who actually really need the plant healing within it because of all the toxins in the decades' old food supplies just can't afford it... what to do... but thank y'all tho.. it…


David Edey
David Edey
Oct 16, 2021

I'm 65 and a product of the 70's generation that grew up smokin pot. I quit because of it's potency. I have always been an advocate for the obvious reasons. I have delved back into using cannabis for medicinal purposes. I have had a couple of motorbike accidents and I have depression and anxiety. I detest pharmaceuticals for the interaction I experience. I have friends that make an assortment of tinctures, cookies, salves and I also keep a little bud/shake on hand. It has been a gift to use cannabis and discard prescriptions that your physician deems apropos.

This is truly a moving vignette. The care and love of the people is admirable. I was horrified to hear of…


For those whose pulmonary system cannot handle smoking the stuff, eating it either as a salad or processed and extracted using butter or other oils is the easy low-tech sustainable solution.


Leaves me wishing I could have grown-up with a Bud like this Man-o-The Land, Grow On Bro !

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