At Earth Conscious Life, we are all about switching to an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

And that includes supporting brands which are more sustainable or regeneratively-minded.

But keep in mind, buying a bunch of 'green' alternatives to things you already own is not reducing use of resources. The most eco-friendly products you can use, are the ones you already have.

Buying an 'eco-friendly' reusable bag, for instance, when you already had perfectly good options, is still overconsumption.

You don't need to buy a new reusable set of bamboo utensils when you can literally pick a fork, spoon, and knife from your drawer and take them on-the-go!

Giving someone a metal straw who never used/needed a straw in the first place is not helping the planet.

If we throw out our plastic toothbrush or travel mug 'before its time', just to start using one made from sustainable materials, we're missing the point.

I wanted to share a solution I've been using at home for years!

Store-bought cleaning supplies can be expensive, add unnecessary toxins into your home, and are a waste of plastic. 

You can make a perfectly effective cleaning spray at home–for pennies–that is much safer for you and your family, and reuse an old spray bottle from your last cleaner. 

DIY Cleaning Solution  - 1 part water  - 1 part white vinegar Optional: 10-20 drops your favorite essential oil (orange oil, eucalyptus, lavender, etc)

Combine in spray bottle from a former cleaning product and shake it up.

That's it! This simple 50/50 mixture replaced the majority of my household cleaning products.

Vinegar can dissolve soap scum and hard water build up, and it deodorizes, rather than covering up smells with a toxic perfume. 

For those worried about the smell from the vinegar itself, it dissolves as it dries, so have no fear about your house stinking of vinegar. :)

*NOTE - some natural health product websites recommend combining vinegar and baking soda to make a cleaner.

While this may produce a fun bubbly reaction, these two cleaners actually neutralize the effectiveness of each other when com