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Deepest Healing Possible

A lot of us are struggling emotionally these days. 

After my previous message about the holiday blues, so many of you responded about how you can relate. 

These days, global issues can add to existing personal stress – but we need to make sure we don't lose sight of our own wellbeing in the midst of exterior chaos. 

More than 44% of people in an American Psychological Association survey reported their stress levels have gone up over the past five years.

With the new year just beginning, and intentions set on resolutions, why do so many of these new habits not stick?

Many people believe it’s a matter of willpower that is holding them back from adopting healthier behavior toward their stressors. 

But lack of willpower suggests there is something wrong with us; that we’re simply not strong enough to pull ourselves out of unhealthy behaviors causing our stress. 

A friend of mine has spoken on this subject many times and has a bit of a different take. 

I was lucky to get to know (and study underneath) the incredibly wise Dr. Pedram Shojai. He is a best selling author and mental wellness expert.

You see, he believes we’re all carrying around our own personal bag of rocks that continues to weigh us down and stress us out. We’ve collected this weight over our lifetime because we don’t know how to let go of anything. 

Year after year, we suffer from emotional trauma and we simply shoulder the weight and carry on. 

Now, before you run off thinking this isn’t about you because you haven’t experienced emotional trauma, let me tell you this; you most certainly have and it is affecting your life. Whenever I bring up emotional trauma, people jump to thinking of the extreme cases, but we all have emotional issues we struggle with. 

You can go to therapy and talk it out for months and months, but what my friend Dr. Shojai has figured out is how to speed up that process! How to acknowledge your emotional trauma in a way that helps you truly heal and move forward with life. 

Don’t you want to do more than just carry on? Don’t you want the life you know you deserve? 

Dr. Shojai has helped hundreds of people through his private practice but wanted to do more. So he’s hosting a webinar called Healing Emotional Trauma. He wants to help people just like you to step through into a renewed chapter of your life. On your own terms! 

Trust me, you'll want to watch this FREE webinar from the comfort of your home. You’ll walk away with tools you can use in your life right now.


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