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Common Spice Dramatically Improves Memory and Mood

When creating our new platform, Earth Conscious Life, we have been continuously returning to the phrase:


We believe that in general, what is good for the Earth, is good for people, and vice versa. 

This is why I want to talk about the alarming increases in mental degeneration, and what we can do about it. 

After all, a mentally unwell population, is less likely to participate in environmental solutions. 

Did you know that despite its massive population, India has one of the lowest incidences of Alzheimer’s on the planet?

Out of 1.4 billion people, just 4 million Indians are affected by this devastating disease.

To compare, the US reports 5.8 million people with Alzheimer’s, out of its population of just 327.2 million.

That’s a shocking difference!

Scientists have been trying to figure out exactly why this huge disparity exists and they have come up with two main reasons...

1. Indians eat far less meat. The lowest incidences are in areas that are vegetarian. 

2. They use A LOT of two very specific “super spices”, even when they do eat meat.

You may ask, how can mere kitchen spices lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease so much?

Well for one, they stop the formation of certain toxins that are created when you grill or fry meat… Toxins that the National Cancer Institute lists as causing DNA damage that increases inflammation (and the risk for cancer).

Just marinating or including these spices in your cooking stops these toxins from forming.

Secondly, these spices have incredible anti-inflammatory properties, and scientists have even seen them REVERSE the effects of Alzheimer’s and memory decline.

UCLA did a study that showed using one of them daily improves memory by 28% AND untangles amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer's!

Another study that found this same spice can increase weight loss by up to 5%

My friend, investigative journalist and health advocate, Jonathan Otto, created a new 10 episode docu-series by interviewing 55 of the world’s top experts about how to improve brain health using natural remedies.

So what are these mysterious spices?

One, of course, is the anti-inflammatory powerhouse turmeric!

There are so many studied benefits of this golden spice, and it's been used medicinally for thousands of years of India. 

I hope you'll join me in watching Jonathan's urgent new series so we can learn more about turmeric and the other most powerful medicinal spices, and how we can add them to our daily regimen and experience a wide range of health benefits. 

Jonathan's new series will also help you discover which spices work to:

Decrease inflammation throughout your body

Combat depression, anxiety and other mood disorders

Improve your brain health and protect against Alzheimer’s

Support your heart health

Soothe and restore your gut lining

And even help fight cancer

This can be game-changing information because the risk of degenerative disease (including brain conditions) is sadly higher and higher these days.


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