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Available Again

Great news - The Need To GROW is now available globally on Vimeo

If any of your friends or family were not able to catch the worldwide complimentary screening last month, now is the time to send them this link where they can go and own the film for life:

Please share this far and wide on social media so everyone knows it is now available once again for viewers anywhere on Earth.

Due to international demand, we have since translated the subtitles into a total of 7 languages!

English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Japanese. 

We want the story of Alicia, Erik, Michael and these powerful Earth-healing solutions to be as accessible around the world as possible. If you have yet to own the film, or if you know someone whom you would like to share this hopeful film with, please send them this link:

In only the last few days on Vimeo, we've had viewers in over 25 countries! We'd love to see that number grow, so make sure you share this important story on Vimeo HERE.

For those in the U.S., it is still available on AMAZON here.


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